Legal Help – Getting a Green Card

You must be aware that if you want to become a US green card holder, you will have to spend a lot of your money and time. Foreign citizens who want be a US citizen should be prepared for this and if you want to make the process a lot smoother, you should seek the necessary legal help.

Because of the stringent policies in the US when it comes to acquiring green cards, many foreign citizens are illegally residing in many different states. According to some critics, the system being used by the US should be made simpler but since you’re the applicant for the green card, you should follow their rules.

Before the green card was colored green but at present, it is already white colored with green printings; the card is valid for 10 years and a foreign citizen can get it when their employer or relative petitions them.

By seeking the needed legal help, you will be able to go through with the various steps smoothly. Start looking for lawyers who are specializing in green card cases. Once you find a reputable lawyer, you can already follow the three steps.

Step #1

The USCIS (US Citizenship & Immigration Service) is the agency that issues green cards to foreign citizens. You will need to submit all the pertinent paperwork to this agency and their staff will review your papers. After that, the agency will determine if your papers will be approved or not.

Step #2

After the decision of the USCIS is given, the paperwork will be forwarded to NVC (National Visa Center). Your green card petition will need to wait until there is already an available visa number. Every year, limited visa numbers are released; so don’t expect for an immediate visa number.

Step #3

Once a visa number is given to your petition, it will be forwarded to the US embassy which is based in your home country.

As you can see, the three steps may sound simple and easy but it’s not as simple as you think. There’ll be lots of paperwork and the whole process is quite time consuming. You have to devote a lot of your time in preparing the necessary paperwork and not only that, you will also spend a lot of money.

If you want to prepare all the necessary paperwork without any problems, you should seek legal help. Find a reputable lawyer now who has past experiences in handling green card matters. Due to the extensive paperwork, you will need a guide all throughout the process. Private lawyers can cost a lot in the long run and you should be prepared for such expenses.

However, if you have a personal lawyer, you can be sure that all the paperwork is accurate and there’ll be less room for mistakes. That way, the papers will be immediately processed in the concerned agency. Having complete and accurate paperwork will make it easier for the concerned agencies to process the green card petition.

Hire a lawyer who knows a lot about green card petitions. You can ask referrals from friends and relatives or you can also do a quick search online for reputable and experienced lawyers in your area. This is one sure way of getting your green card petition approved in less time. Be prepared for everything.


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